Pauline Boty’s “Colour Her Gone” back on display in new exhibition at Wolverhampton

Pauline Boty’s “Colour Her Gone”, 1962, at Wolverhampton Art Gallery’s “Pop Parade” exhibition. Photo by Bethany Williams.

A new permanent Pop art display entitled Pop Parade has been created at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, featuring Pauline Boty’s 1962 painting Colour Her Gone.

“The painting is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe and a firm favourite from the Gallery’s acclaimed Pop Art collection. The pioneering artist Pauline Boty was one of the founders of the British Pop Art movement and the only female painter within the British branch of the movement. Her work often featured individuals she admired and celebrated her self-assured femininity and female sexuality.

Her later paintings introduced more political themes and criticised the ‘man’s world’ in which she lived. Her art, together with her free-spirited lifestyle, has made her a herald of 1970s feminism.

Pop Parade is free to visit and is situated on the ground floor of the gallery.” [courtesy Wolverhampton Art Gallery Facebook page]

Further information is available here: [link]

Installation shot of the “Pop Parade” exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Photo by Bethany Williams.