About this site

In recent years as Pauline Boty’s contribution to British Pop art has undergone a thoroughly merited re-evaluation there have been numerous articles and images relating to her and her work posted on the web. In addition there have been appearances in exhibitions, books and magazines and on TV, and previously unknown works have continued to still occasionally come to light.

Clearly an authorised website dedicated to her life, work and enduring appeal has been long overdue. As well as hoping to help make more people aware about Pauline Boty, the primary aims are to:

  • gather together disparate elements into one up-to-date central location with links to them wherever possible
  • provide a comprehensive and updated list of works, whether existing or lost, detailing if in a private collection or available to view in a gallery or museum
  • give news on relevant upcoming exhibitions, publications, programmes, events, works for sale and more

This is intended to be a continually evolving website, so information regarding any of the above, any omissions or errors found within these pages – or simply other helpful feedback you might like to provide  – will be very welcome via the Contact page.


Thanks are particularly due to Althea Greenan at Goldsmiths College Library for granting access to Pauline Boty’s archive, Sue Tate for providing the research material in the archive that so helped compile the lists of works and more here, and Adrian Mibus of Whitford Fine Art for granting permission for this site on behalf of the Pauline Boty Estate.

Section header images are details of the following:
Home: With Love to Jean-Paul Belmondo, 1962
List of works: With Love to Jean-Paul Belmondo, 1962
In focus: Red Manoeuvre, 1962
Contact: The Only Blonde in the World, 1963
News: Untitled (Landscape with Lace), c. 1958
About this site: Monica Vitti with Heart, 1963

All images unless otherwise stated are courtesy of The Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths, University of London/Pauline Boty Estate