Onscreen, Onstage, Radio

Pauline Boty in episode “Strangler’s Web” from “The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre”, 1965. Courtesy of Studiocanal


“Pop Goes the Easel”, Ken Russell: BBC Monitor Series: as herself [link]
“The Face They See”, BBC: as Rona
“ITV Armchair Theatre”, directed by Philip Saville, [Episode: “North City Traffic Straight Ahead”]: as Anna

“Ready, Steady, Go!”: Dancer with Derek Boshier
“Maigret: Peter the Lett”: BBC: as Josie

February: “Espionage” [Episode: “The Frantick Rebel”]: as Mistress Fleay [with Stanley Baxter]
24 May: “Béla Bartók”, Ken Russell: BBC Monitor Series, as Prostitute
July/August: “Short Circuit–The Park”, BBC: as Pauline
20 August: “Don’t Say a Word” [game show]: as guest with Clive Goodwin

January: “Six”, BBC [Episode: “The Day of Ragnarok” by John McGrath]
“The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre” [Episode: “Strangler’s Web”] as Nell Pretty [link]
May/June: “Contract to Kill” [BBC TV mini-series]: Episodes: “Demand for Vengeance”, “Time for Killing”, “Man in the Photograph”, “Voice from the Past”, “Interlude in Rome”, “Death in Cologne”: as Maria Galen
3 June: “Late Night Line Up” as guest TV critic
6 June: “Londoners” [Episode: “A Day Out for Lucy”] BBC: as Patsy

Programme cover for “Day of the Prince” by Frank Hilton at the Royal Court Theatre, London, May 1963. 
As well as designing the programme Boty also appeared in the play, with Bernard Bresslaw.


“Day of the Prince” by Frank Hilton as Virginia, Royal Court Theatre, London, May 1963 [with Bernard Bresslaw]
“Afternoon Men” [adapted from an Anthony Powell novel] as Lola, New Arts Theatre, London, August 1963 [with James Fox]


“Alfie”: as one of Alfie’s girlfriends [uncredited]


6 October 1963–22 March 1964 “The Public Ear”, fortnightly programme on culture and entertainment.