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Pauline Boty enrolled at the Royal College of Art [RCA] in 1958 from where she went on to become a founder of British Pop art and the only female painter in the British wing of the movement. Her vibrant body of work of paintings, collages and stained glass, often featuring individuals she admired, celebrated her self-assured femininity and female sexuality. Her later paintings introduced more political themes and overt or implicit criticism of the “man’s world” in which she lived. Her art with its notably feminine perspective, together with her free-spirited lifestyle, has made her a herald of 1970s feminism.

Pauline Boty in the Junior Common Room at the RCA with John Watson and Alan Cooper of The Temperance Seven rehearsing in the background, late 1960 or early 1961. © Geoffrey Raymond Reeve

In her short life (6 March 1938 – 1 July 1966) she also appeared onstage, in film and in numerous TV productions, hosted a fortnightly radio programme, regularly danced on Ready Steady Go!, introduced Bob Dylan to London, inspired Julie Christie’s role in the 1965 film Darling — and so much more…


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5-4-3-2-1, 1963

Pauline Boty’s biography is at Wikipedia is here [link] and The Art Story here [link], whilst the definitive book available on her life and work is Pauline Boty: Pop Artist and Woman, 2013, by Sue Tate [link]